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Howdo I get tan in a Nordays Swimsuit?

Our modest swimsuits/burkinis are made from our patented smart fiber fabric. Thousands of tiny micro-holes allow the sun to pass through the bathing suit, without being translucent. Some of the UVA rays pass through the fabric and ensure an even tan, while the majority of the harmful UVB rays are blocked. In addition, with the fabric you have a sun protection that comparable to a solar factor of 15 (SFP 15). So you tan from the sun's rays that pass through the fabric, while you are continuously protected with an SPF 15.

The fabric blocks most of the scorching rays and is highly breathable, allowing you to sunbathe in comfort, even in very hot temperatures.

The part of the tunic that overlaps the leggings and where the fabric is doubled lets less sun through for tanning. If you also want to tan in these places, you must ensure that there is 1 layer of dust on your skin when you are sunbathing. That is why it is also important not to roll up the trouser legs and sleeves.

The right size is very important, the fabric must sit close to the skin for optimal sunbathing and tanning and therefore not hang too loose. It is best to consult the size chart and of course we are happy to help you choose the right size.



Do I immediately brown?

The number of hours of sun to tan naturally differs from person to person and also depends on your skin type. To get an even complexion following advice;

Feet, ankles hands are often in thebeen sun and tan toofaster. It is therefore best to apply a higher factor to the skin that is not covered with the fabric so that you get an even color and as few lines as possible.


Are the Nordays swimsuits transparent or translucent?

No, our swimsuits/burkinis are not transparent and do not shine through, even when wet. The holes in the fabric are so microscopic that you can't see them.


How to take care of your Nordays bathing suit?

Sun, salt and chlorine have no influence on the fabric. Do follow the washing instructions and wash the swimsuits/burkinis by hand with a mild detergent. Creams, oils and cosmetics can damage the fabric, so handle them with care.


Can I wear the bathing suits as daywear and as sportswear?

Yes, that's possible. The Nordays suits are multifunctional. The fabric is feather light and stylish. You can wear the tunic/top and leggings perfectly during the day and combine them with other pieces. The fabric is very stretchy and breathable, making our Nordays suits perfect for sports.


What size should I buy?

We strongly recommend that you measure your body (circumference of your chest, waist and hips) to get the right size. Use our size chart below to find the perfect fit.

This is also important for optimal sunbathing and tanning, the fabric should be close to the skin.


Can I return the products?

Yes, you can, provided that:

The goods are returned within 14 days of receipt by you and with intact packaging, unworn with all labels intact attached to the goods. Returns can be made by sending an email to We strongly recommend that you consult the size chart on the website before ordering, so you can be sure of the right size.