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Our story



The Nordays story started when our founder decided to dress more modestly and shortly afterwards was confronted with a major vitamin D deficiency. Something that many people appeared to suffer from because we started living more indoors over time. The search for clothes that fit her lifestyle and felt comfortable was not easy.

“Clothes that fit my lifestyle and that were comfortable proved difficult to find. Plus, I craved that fresh, breezy, sunkissed feeling. I like to swim, like to be outside and was looking for solutions to still feel the sun on my skin without having to make concessions to my clothing style. The realization that the modest clothing style was not going to help get rid of my vitamin D deficiency, made me delve into textiles, technology and clothing throughout history. The fact that I can make a difference to so many others with this was my biggest motivation to find a solution for this.

One day on a beach in Morocco I was sitting in a heavy, wet burkini and I thought: this must be better. How ideal it would be if I could make a burkini that you can sunbathe in. Years of research, testing, trial and error followed, but the dream came true. Our unique, patented smart fiber fabric now makes it possible to tan evenly and absorb vitamin D, while still being perfectly covered and protected with approximately a sun factor of 10. Groundbreaking and liberating! The thought that so many women can now enjoy all the goodness of the sun again and still dress however they want gives me immense satisfaction. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!k!”


Days of light

Joy, happiness and light emanating from the sun were the main sources of inspiration for the name Nordays. Noor means light, Nordays means days of light.


Top designers, unique prints

The first collection of modest swimsuits (burkinis) was designed with a diverse team of designers. Timeless prints, inspired by a love for plants and botany form the basis. Our swimsuits are all light, breathable and stretch 20% more than other fabrics. This way they give you the most comfortable feeling ever.

At Nordays we work with top designers from renowned fashion houses. This ensures stylish items in which you feel confident and which are perfectly suitable for sunbathing, swimming, sports and can also be worn as daywear.

Our mission

Letting every woman enjoy all the goodness of the sun, while being able to dress the way she wants, without compromising on femininity, style and comfort, that's where we get our drive and pleasure.


Ethical, sustainable and socially responsible

We are very proud of the fact that all our bathing suits/burkinis are made in Belgium in a sustainable and ethical way. We apply the highest quality standards. We use water-free technology to print our fabrics. As a result, there is no water pollution or emissions. Fixing the prints also requires no water in our process.

Additionally, at Nordays we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to charities.