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Let the sun shine through!

Modest swimwear for sunbathing and tanning!

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About Nordays Swimsuits


Super thanks! The burkini is beautiful and feels incredible
lights on. It really works!


Oh wow, they are delicious! I tested them right away and omg you
feel the sun on your skin and the wind through it! I also wear them outside
like a tunic, so airy. Already have a tan.


This is really sweet! Red at first, but not burned and then
brown. Not at all like the other burkinis, they dry super fast and
are super light as if it were a second skin. Very happy with it, thank you.


Totally happy with it! The fabric feels great and the print is even more beautiful in reality than in the photos.

Ikram F.

So very happy and satisfied with it! love it!

Layla @Inspirationofahijabi

It's really ingenious that you can tan with it and it's really nice! love it!❤


Just back from vacation. I brought other burkinis with me but in the end only used the Nordays :). Fabric is airy and very pleasant. It dries really fast! And top... I got a tan :) :). It's worth the investment!


I've had the Nordays Burkini on for 7 days and honestly it fits like a second skin, doesn't get heavy when it gets wet, dries super fast and doesn't stiffen from sea salt. My legs have turned a really nice bronze color, so the technology really helps. Big thanks for this innovation and soon I will buy my second one to be able to alternate.

Naziha A

It really is a lovely fabric. Once you put on the burkini, you just don't want to take it off. You're wearing nothing at all! Blessed! For the few hours that I was able to sunbathe, I already saw a difference. Dries super fast and cannot be compared to other burkinis. Great invention!

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